On the 16th April 2018 at 6 am we met in front our school. We were really excited about going abroad. In Calais, France we had to g through customs. Afterwards we went on a ferry. We were allowed to go around by ourselves.

At 6 pm that day we arrived Dover, England. We drove through England and around 7:30 pm we arrived at Lagney shopping centre. Staff from JM welcomed us and our host families picked us up. We spend the rest of our evening with them. In the morning we met at our bus stops, either at P4, P5 or P6.  A worker from JM went on a sightseeing tour with us. Afterwards we visited the Beachy Heads, took photos and enjoyed the view. Shortly after we went back to Eastbourne and changed our money. Furthermore, we did a city rallye in Eastbourne. Many students got sunburnt. Then we went back to our host families.

On Wednesday we met at our bus stops once again and drove by bus and by ferry to London. We walked through the city and went on a sightseeing tour to see Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Tower Bridge. Unfortunately there was construction work on Big Ben so we couldn’t see it properly. All the walking was really exhausting so we were tired to the bone when we were home again. In the evening we could go outside and meet friends until 9:30 pm.

On Thursday we met at 9 am. We drove to Brighton and arrived around 11 am. After our arrival we went shopping. We had four hours to explore Brighton. On our way back to the families around 3:30 pm, we got stuck in big traffic jam. It lasted around 1 and a half hours. Because of that, we decided to go to the pier in Eastbourne. When we arrived at our families we ate and could go out again.

Friday was our last day and we went to the language school once again. We went by a public bus and some groups first had trouble to get to the meeting point, however everybody managed to get there on their own. Afterwards we could, either stay in Eastbourne or go back to our families. At 4:30 pm we drove to the shopping centre with our families. Then it was time to say goodbye. There were some tears and of course promises to come back and see each other again. All in all the weather was very hot and nice – We escaped the typical English weather. The trip was fun and we had such a great time. Many students want to come back to get to know more about England, its culture and the people living there.

Text und Bilder: Donesa, Nantke, Okka and Lotta (8.4)

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